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Hong Kong has been both a part of Imperial China and the British Empire – giving it the East-meets-West vibe. (at Hong Kong)

Probably the most repeated Hong Kong cliché is that this city is – in every respect – the Asian New York. #hongkong (at Hong Kong)

Big Lychee vs Big Apple – is Hong Kong really an Asian New York? #hongkong (at Hong Kong)

Welcome to the dark side…. #laos #luangprabang (at Luang Prabang)

Toast bread with mashed avocado, flaxseed and almond. Taste so damn good! 🥑

I turn 48 today and grateful. 🙏 (at Ikea Alam Sutera)

Hello, weekend 🙋… (at Silkwood Residences, Alam Sutera)

The blue sky smiling at me. #laos #luangprabang (at Luang Prabang)

The blue sky smiling at me. #laos #luangprabang (at Luang Prabang)